Tommy, an introduction…….

You know when you go to playgroup for the first time and there always that ONE kid who runs around screaming, throwing things about? That ONE kid who charges around at 100 miles an hour, barging kids out the way as he has no spatial awareness? Then dropping to the ground in a tantrum when told to stop launching the toys ……YEP! That was my boy today!!! πŸ™ˆ
It was MY Unruly toddler who was the naughty one, terrorising the other children and causing a trail of mass destruction. When the rest of the group tidied up and sat still for storytime and singing…. of course Tommy decided he didn’t fancy that. So instead he was climbing on top of the table laughing with glee and arching his back when I tried to get him down!

He successfully managed to cause havoc left right and centre. He also accidentally head butted another child in a small head on collision!😡 (cue a very over protective mother giving me a ‘look’ πŸ™„and rushing over to comfort said injured child).

I think he enjoyed himself thoroughly though!! 😜Same time again next week???? 🀣 lol

……….That’s my boy! And that’s why we call him Tornado Tom Tom πŸŒͺ πŸ™ˆπŸ˜xxx