All Aboard the Autism Train

As the days go by it’s looking increasingly likely that I have a 3rd child with Autism/ADHD.

Tornado Tommy is next up to jump on! Buckle up kids you’re in for a rocky ride!

The familiar and sometimes peculiar behaviours he’s displaying is just confirming what we already suspected. We are 99% sure he is on the spectrum.

Tornado Tommy is a proper little character and yet different to the bigger boys in many ways. He is hectic & destructive and never ever sits still (just like his brothers) An average 2 year old can be crazy and hectic but it’s extreme with him.

The mahoosive explosive hour long meltdowns that come out of the blue……he’s completely non-verbal. He used to try and say a handful of words at 18months then just regressed back to zero speech ☹️ .

The repetitive, obsessional behaviours.

The lashing out in temper and frustration. He hits and kicks me, quite hard (yet unmeaningly) during meltdowns. To gain my attention he might bosh me on the head with the remote a few times if he wants the channel changing. Or he might full on slap me round the chops! 😮If I don’t give him my immediate attention.

My older boys never did these things! It’s pretty hard to accept your child beating the shit out of you and just having to calmly smile through gritted teeth and try to diffuse the situation before it escalates! But hey ho we just have to grin and bear it for now. It’s Soooo hard and frustrating for him and us!

Also he has started banging his head repetitively on the floor during a complete meltdown. Any hard surface he can find and his poor head gets it THUMP 🤕. This is extremely worrying and heartbreaking to see him in such distress 😢 Poor boy!

Tommy plays alternatively lining random objects and toys up everyday. He’s more interested in the chippings at the park than using the equipment and joining in with other kids playing. To name but a few of his ways.

……..So anyway we’re on the pathway for diagnosis but it’s still too early to diagnose officially. Obviously having already been there, done that and got the t-shirt (twice) as seasoned Autism parents we kinda know what we’re dealing with already! 😜

It is obviously is genetic somewhere along the line as 3 out of 5 are autistic so far!

I’m just hoping once the speech comes along some of his impulsive, irrational behaviours will simmer down a bit! 🙏🏻

The boy has got bucket loads of character though so I’m sure there will be a few more funny tales (not funny at the time) to tell. 🤣Watch this space! Lol.

I obviously was not meant to have an easy life with my lot…. so I have to embrace the madness! If I didn’t I’d be locked in a padded cell, heavily sedated for the rest of my days!! 🤣😜😳

Normal is way over rated anyways!! Three of our very special boys have this label but each and everyone of them have qualities and personalities that shine above the disability.

YES they are all have their quirks and their behaviour is often unruly and off the scale BUT they are our boys and through thick and thin We will love and protect them always 😊 xxx

Don’t forget Autism Awareness day is 2nd April…. Spread the word x

Author: The Mad Madden's

Married to my hubby Scott who I've been with 24 (long years)!! 😜Lol Crazy mum to 5 kids. All 5 are diagnosed with autism! 2 strapping teenagers, one mischievous Tornado (5)🌪 and b/g twins aged 3. So 4 boys and 1 girlie 💙💙💙💙💖Also a very grumpy dog called Pickle. 🐶I love hula hooping and Zumba but after popping out so many kids I don't find the time these days! My favourite phrase is FFS so things sometimes do get a little sweary🙊! Hope you enjoy my comedy take on life 😜🤣😊 xxx

17 thoughts on “All Aboard the Autism Train”

  1. How cute is he?! I can imagine it is so hard for you to cope with some of the behaviours he’s displaying but I’m sure when his speech comes along it won’t be as bad because then he’ll be able to tell you what he wants without having to ‘bash you on the head’ a few times! You’re doing a fab job though, just keep doing what you’re doing!

    Jess //

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  2. Such a fabulous mummy! I can only imagine how difficult it is but like you say hopefully once the speech comes back a little he will learn to tell you what he wants and share his frustrations in a less aggressive way 🤞🏼 So hard for them too not being able to get across what they want! You’re an amazing family 💙 Thankyou for sharing xx

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  3. I know how hard it can be with Imogen on a good day at times, but I guess her meltdowns can be nothing compared to dealing with someone who is on the spectrum. It’s lovely that you’re able to understand his needs and moods and give him the support he needs with having experience twice before. It must be tough on you all, but you’re an incredible mum. Incredible.

    Lisa |

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  4. He’s so sweet! Well whatever the outcome I’m sure you’ll absolutely rock and be able to provide everything he needs just like your other children! Mum to 5… must be doing something right, can barely keep my 1 alive some days… lol!
    Much love, Caitylis x x

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  5. Your one incredible mother and so damn inspiring! Hats off to you, seriously! Whatever happens, you’ll make it happen, no doubt about it! xx

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  6. We’ve been there done that too. (4 of my 6 are diagnosed ASD-possibly my youngest daughter too though we’ve been doing interventions with her). I know how hard it can be to remain calm when your child is hitting you in frustration. You’re doing great things though-hang in there.

    I haven’t read enough of your blog to know, but I’m curious if you’ve tried sign language with any of your kids? I tried it with my younger ones when they weren’t verbal and it eased their frustration as a means of communicating. It also saved me from lots of head-butting. Cheers from one who has been there done that. 123Autism

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    1. Phew managed to retrieve your comment! Thank you so much for reading.
      Yes we are starting early intervention with Makaton sign language and PECs exchange system. My older boy never really got the hang of signing or visuals. Luckily when he went to school his speech just came on in leaps and bounds 😊 We will persevere though and see if these methods can gain Tommy’s attention. Fingers crossed it will take away some of that frustration 🤞xx

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      1. I hope so. I had a sore chest for months and my chiropractor wondered why I kept getting out of alignment until he saw my little guy in action. Good luck with this!

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